3D Artist


My name is Craig Vance and I have worked in production and 3D content creation for nearly 20 years. Originally pursuing a career in film making, I worked for motion picture camera rental companies in Detroit and Chicago, learning about photography and film making techniques. I also served as a camera assistant on independent films and commercials. This led to a move to Los Angeles where I spent time at a visual FX house on films such as Batman and Robin and Bone Chillers. I then relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina to work in video games creating content for such titles as Dukes of Hazzard, Batman and Robin Gotham City Racer, and the PC game Shadow Company. After nearly 5 years in games, I moved over to commercials for Quiet Man Inc. out of New York developing some of the most recognizable national commercials for clients including Visa, Footlocker, Cheetos, Gillette, and GE.


Check out my Blog page for the latest information on various projects.